About This Document

This document details the Tolerances configuration, available in these two pages in Prendio:

  • [Admin > General > Tolerances]
  • [AP Management > General > Tolerances]

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Prerequisites and notices

  • The Prendio Admin or Accounts Payable role is required to access these settings
  • Click the Save button on this page when making any changes to these settings

Buyer PO Creation - Buyer review for punchout orders

The first setting defines the minimum amount of a Punchout order that requires a review by a BioProcure Buyer.

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With most supplier's punchouts, successfully submitted requisitions under this amount in Prendio are automatically confirmed with the supplier. Orders equaling or over this amount are quickly reviewed by BioProcure before that confirmation.

Buyer PO Creation - Order amount that does not require re-approval

The second setting defines the lines total that does not require the Buyer to start a re-approval process if a change is made.

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Buyer PO Creation - Orders that require re-approval for certain increases

The third setting controls when re-approval is required for increases beyond a certain percentage. This is based on orders with a lines total that is at least amount defined in the second setting.

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Receipt Creation

Use this setting to define the maximum percentage of quantity received allowed over what is in the corresponding line in your PO.

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Using the setting of 2% as an example:

  • A quantity of 100 was ordered for an item
  • When a receipt is processed for the order, any quantity up to 102 can be received for the line
  • An error occurs if a quantity of 103 or greater is received