About This Document:
This document details how the Prendio Company Admin can add Announcements and Holidays to the Prendio Dashboard.

This process requires the Prendio Admin role.

Prendio Dashboard Before:

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The Announcements and Holidays will appear above the Support heading on the Dashboard.

Admin > General > Announcements:

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1. Select Announcements.

2. Press Add Announcement.

Announcement Setup:

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3. Enter the Announcement Verbiage in the Dashboard Content field.

4. Select the From and To Dates that the Announcement will appear on the Dashboard.

5. Press Save.

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The Announcement is now saved and can be Edited or Deleted using available Actions.

Note: The Prendio Team will also post Announcements for scheduled System Maintenance that will appear on the Dashboard for all Prendio Companies.

Admin > General > Holidays:

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6. Select Holidays.

7. Press Add Holiday.

Holiday Setup:

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8. Select the Date for the Holiday.

9. Enter the Holiday Name.

10. Check Shipping Holiday - No packages received if desired.

11. Press Save.

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The Holiday is now saved and can be Edited or Deleted using available Actions.

Prendio Dashboard After:

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12 The Announcement appears here.

13. The Upcoming Holidays appear here.