About This Document:
This document details the Prendio User Summary Report. This report provides details on the Prendio Users defined at your company. As of this writing, the following columns are included in this report:

First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Phone, Mobile, Mobile Carrier, Prendio Roles, SMS Disable, Time Table Enable, Default GL Account, Approval Delegate, Departments, Projects, Spend Limit (USD), Personal Approval Path, Approval - Safety, Watcher - GL Accounts, Watcher - Projects, and Watcher - Departments.

Accessing this report requires the AP Management Role.

AP Management > Reports:

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1. The User Summary report is available from the Reports: pulldown menu. When this report is selected, the results display in the Reports window.

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2. The results can also be Exported to a .CSV file by pressing Export.

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3. In this example the .CSV was Exported and then opened, formatted, and saved as an .XLSX file.