Sometimes the Quickbooks Desktop Web Connector configuration can become corrupt and needs to be reconfigured. This document details the steps required to reconfigure this software.

Note: To work correctly, Quickbooks Desktop (QBD), the Quickbooks Web Connector, and the browser used to connect to Prendio must all be installed and running on the same computer.

AP Management > General:

Download the Quickbooks Web Configuration File.

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1. Click on the Download QBWC Configuration File link.

Note: This will download the configuration file to the default Downloads location for the current logged-on computer user.

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2. On my computer, this is the Downloads folder.

3. The Quickbook.qwc file was downloaded here.

Launch Quickbooks Desktop.

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4. From the File pulldown menu select Update Web Services.

5. When the Quickbooks Web Connector opens, press the Remove button.

6. At the QBWebConnector - Warning press Yes.

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7. Click on the Add an Application button.

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8. Maneuver to the location of the Quickbook.qwc file.

9. Select the Quickbook.qwc file.

10. Press Open.

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11. At the Authorize New Web Service prompt press OK.

Note: This will add the configuration to the Quickbooks Web Connector.

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12. Make sure this box is checked.

13. Make sure the correct password is entered.

The Quickbooks Web Connector can now be used for Prendio to communicate with Quickbooks Desktop.