About This Document
This document provides a brief description of the different Order Statuses that appear for an Order in Prendio. Where to find the Status of an Order and how to view where an order is in the Prendio Workflow are first detailed.

Prendio Dashboard:
The Status of an Order appears below the My Orders bar on the Prendio Dashboard for the the Requester's last 18 orders. The Status of all of the Requester's Orders can be viewed by pressing the View All link to the far right on the Dashboard > My Orders bar.

Dashboard > My Orders:

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1. This is the Status column.

2. Click on a link in the Req # column to view the Order History for more detail as to where the order is in the Prendio Workflow.

Note: An example of the Order History window appears later in this document.

3. Press the View All link on the My Orders bar to view all of the Requester's orders.

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4. You can also click on a link in the Req # column to view the Order History for more detail as to where the order is in the Prendio Workflow.

5. The Status of the orders appears in this column.

Note: If the Requester's Prendio User Profile was set to View All Stuff, other Requester's orders would also display here.

Order History Example:

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6. The Status appears here.

7. Each column in this window displays the date and time each transaction took place through the Prendio workflow for this order.

Note: If the Req is in Approvals, a window will display detailing the status of the Requisition Approvals.

Below is a brief explanation of each Order Status.

Req in Approval - The order is in the approval process (spending limit, segment approval, new supplier, or on behalf of/placed an order for another user).  Each approver in the approval path must approve before the order may proceed.

Req in Buyers' Queue - The order is in the Buyers' Queue at BioProcure waiting for one of the buyers to take ownership of the order and process.

Req in Buyer Review - A buyer at BioProcure has taken ownership of the order.  They are reviewing the order before submitting to the supplier.  If the Buyer has added any notes for review, they will be added to the Order Notes section of the Order History view.

Submitted to Supplier - The order has been submitted to the supplier and awaiting confirmation of ETA.

Confirmed by Supplier - The supplier has confirmed that the order has been processed.  The buyer will then update the ETA and mark the order as Confirmed.  An email will be sent to the end user confirming delivery.