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There are many Approval Types in Prendio. This document details the order in which these Approval Types will occur when combined in a Requisition.


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The example above illustrates the order in which these Approvals will take place when combined in a Requisition.


On Behalf Of Approval:

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1. The On Behalf Approval will take place first. In this example, Bill Silk was the logged on User and he is requesting this cart for Brian Smith. In this type of approval, Brian is confirming that the order was requested for him.


GL Account, Project, and Department Approval:

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2. GL Account Approval would be the second approval.

3. Project Approval would be the third approval.

4. Department Approval would be the fourth approval.


New Supplier Approval:

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5. New Supplier Approval would be the fifth approval.


Exceeded Requester's Spending Limit Approval:

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6. Exceeded Requester Spending Limit Approval would be the sixth approval.

Additional Exceeded Requester Spending Limit Approvals will take place if the amount of the order exceeds the Approval Limit of the first Exceeded Requester Spending Limit Approval.
If the same Prendio User is the Approver for more than one of these approvals and that person approves the request, his or her Prior Approval will be considered approval for the next approval(s).