About This Document:
This document details how to change the order in which Segments (Department, GL Account, Project,...) appear when creating a Cart. In these examples a Department and a GL Account will be used however, the process is the same for all segments.

This process requires the Requester and Accounts Payable Prendio roles.

Accounts Payable > Departments > Prendio Departments:
In the first example, Drag & Drop is used and the Departments will be placed in Alphabetical Order.

1. Click and hold down on the Segment Name to be moved to another location in the Order column.

2. Drag it to the desired location, then release the cursor.


3. The Segment is now in the new location.


How The Departments Appear In A Cart:

4. The Departments now appear in Alphabetical Order.


Accounts Payable > GL Accounts> Prendio GL Account:
In the this example, the Up and Down Arrowheads are used and the GL Accounts will also be placed in Alphabetical Order.

5. The Up and Down Arrowheads are used to move the Segment up or down one position at a time.


6. The Segment is now in the new location.


How The GL Accounts Appear In A Cart:

7. The GL Accounts now appear in Alphabetical Order.