(Functionality covered in this article is available to the Receiver role. See your admin to assign roles.)

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Matching items and services received to what was ordered is the first step in 3-way matching and is a critical piece of a procure-to-pay workflow.

Purchase Order = Packing Slip = Invoice

The Prendio Receipt is the artifact of that (=) effort; an accurate accounting of the goods and services received as well as goods and services remaining "open" for future receipt on a specific Purchase Order.

Let's Start with the Packing Slip
To create a receipt, Prendio must have a packing slip on file. For more information about how packing slips and invoices as scan uploaded and matched, see the Scan Match article. Most packing slips will be scanned into Prendio and assigned to the PO during the Scan Match Process. In some cases, there will be no packing slip on file. This is typical for service purchase orders. It is also the case if a packing slip is missing. In these cases, Prendio provides a mechanism to create a "proxy" packing slip by having the original requester review the invoice and confirm or clarify what was actually received. In these cases, a copy of the scanned invoice is watermarked and filed as a proxy packing slip.

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After the Scan Match, in which the scanned packing slip is assigned to the PO, the Receipt can be found in the listing on the Receipts tab with a status of "Scanned". Click the eye Image Placeholder to review and edit the receipt.

Edit Receipt
The screen supporting the receipt creation process displays both the scanned packing slip as well as the receipt pre-populated with the information from the original Purchase Order and including existing receipts for that same order.

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Each line of the original order is represented on the right along with the following. Lines from previous receipts are also listed (in grey) for information purposes only.

  • Qty Ordered (on the original Purchase Order)
  • Qty Remaining (after previous receipts are taken into account)
  • Qty Received (this receipt)
  • Date Received (this receipt) - used to track supplier delivery performance
  • Close Line (checkbox) - allows for exceptional situations in which receiving fewer than what is remaining open on the order should be considered the final receipt. No more items will be received. Example - a few less than a large number of custom widgets are manufactured and delivered. According to your agreement, you have allowed for this and no more widgets will be delivered. You want to close the line and consider it complete.

Service lines appear similar but display the "Amount" ($) ordered for both remaining and received.

Auto Receive all Remaining
Because many shipments you receive contain exactly what you ordered, there is an option checkbox at the top of the receipt to autofill all of the Qty Received fields with whatever qty is remaining.

Completing the receipt is merely a matter of recording the qty/amount noted on the packing slip. If the qty/amount is equal to what is remaining, the Purchase Order will close. Otherwise, the order is considered "Partially Received" and remains open for future receipts.

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Special Cases
It is not unusual to find exceptions to the ideal flow. Below are a few special situations and how best to process them in Prendio.

  • Incorrect Packing Slip - In the listing of Receipts, Delete the problem Receipt to send it back to Scan Match where it can be correctly matched to the PO.
  • Too much qty/amount received - The Admin and AP Management roles have access to Tolerances to address minor variations in the qty/amount received for a given line as compared to the original order line. If the variance is larger than what is permitted by the Tolerances, then the extra qty/amount must be negotiated with the supplier. If the additional qty/amount is to be received, the original purchase order will need to be edited (by the Buyer role) to reflect the new amount.
  • Supplier on the packing slip does not match the Purchase Order - It is common that suppliers direct-ship from their manufacturers to their customers (you). In these cases, the packing slip will likely contain your correct Purchase Order Number, but it might not contain the name of the supplier with whom you placed the order. This is considered "correct" form in Prendio and there is nothing to be changed.
  • Part Numbers on the packing slip do not match the Purchase Order - There are a few situations in which this might happen, including several listed above. Confirmation that the items are indeed correct is a judgment based on what information is available in the part number and description.

Done, Next
This button saves and releases the receipt, making it available for the next step in the 3-way matching: Create Vouchers.