About This Document
This document details the steps required to delete a Prendio User Profile and the recommended preparation prior to this change.

This procedure requires the Admin role.

Before a user is deleted it is recommended that a Company Admin note which Delegate, Personal Approval Path, and Approver/Watcher responsibilities the user is a part of. This information can then be referenced when making the necessary edits to the profiles of anyone impacted by this change. This procedure begins with an example of this preparation.

Noting The User's Delegate, Personal Approval Path, And Approver/Watcher Responsibilities

Admin > User > Edit User:

1. Select the Details tab.

2. Scroll to the bottom to locate the user's Delegate, Personal Approval Path, and Approver/Watcher responsibilities.

Note or Create A Screenshot of this information for reference during the editing of the users that will be impacted by this change.

Deactivating A Prendio User Profile
Before deleting a Prendio User Profile the profile must be Inactive.

Admin > Users > Edit User:

3. Check the Account Inactive Box.

4. At the Confirmation window, press OK.

5. Enter a Reason for this activity.

6. Press Submit.

Press Save and close the window when complete.

Prendio User Licensing Charges do not apply to Inactive Users. For this reason many customers choose not to delete these profiles. Instead, they are used future reference or historical purposes. Inactive profiles do not display in the Users window by default.

Deleting The User Profile (Only if Necessary)

Admin > Users:

7. Check the Include Inactive box.

8. Click on the Trash Can icon.

9. At the Delete prompt press Yes.