About This Document:
This document details the Prendio Open PO Detail Report. This report provides details on the departments defined at your company. As of this writing, the following columns are included in this report:

PO Number, Supplier, PO Confirmed Date, ETA, Line, Description, Unit, Qty/Amt Remaining, Requestor, Shopping Cart No, Req, Department, Project, GL Account, Total, Delivery Date, Cart Status, and Terms.

Accessing this report requires the AP Management Role.

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AP Management > Reports:

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1. The Open PO Detail report is available from the Reports: pulldown menu.

2. Pressing Email Report will email the report to the logged-on user when complete.

Note: When "Email Report" is pressed, this button will be grayed out while the request is processed.

3. To monitor the progress press Status Check can be pressed to monitor the progress of the request and download the results when complete.


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4. The Status of the request will display here.

5. Refresh can be pressed to update the status of the request.

6. The Download icon can be pressed to download the results when complete.


Email Results:

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7. The results will also be attached to the Email Message.