(Functionality covered in this article is available to the Buyer and Accounts Payable roles. See your admin to assign roles.)

Private vs. Prendio-Managed Suppliers
Prendio maintains a database of thousands of suppliers frequently relied upon in the biotech space. This database includes details about the supplier needed to facilitate speedy account creation (Connected) and assure prompt payment. The suppliers found in this database are "Prendio-Managed Suppliers".

Private Suppliers are those that begin with a single connection to a single company like yours. As these suppliers prove their value, they grow their Prendio customer base. Many private suppliers eventually become Prendio-Managed.

Supplier Connection
Connected suppliers are available to your users for prompt purchase. Prendio makes this obvious to your users with the use of a checkmark. This mark can be seen throughout the system, encouraging users to work with established suppliers.

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Connecting a Supplier
With the exception of needing a bit more information, becoming connected to a Private Supplier is the same as becoming connected to a Prendio-Managed Supplier. The buyer will need to establish terms with the supplier. Those terms include net terms, credit card or other. From the Buyers' Queue, the buyer can access the supplier details by clicking the eyeball symbol Image Placeholder in the Action column of each pending supplier (pink). 

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The required fields include the Remit Address and terms required to create a Purchase Order. The "Connected" checkbox also must be checked before an order can be created.