About This Document
This document details the steps required to create a Prendio Cart using a Catalog Search.

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The Catalog Search is at the top of the Prendio User Interface. A search for Descriptions, Part Numbers, and Suppliers can be performed.

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1. In this example, a Description is entered, Protein LoBind Tubes.

2. Prendio found several Suppliers that offer this item.

3. I waited for the Top Catalog Items to display, these are the items most often purchased in Prendio.

4. What you are looking for are High Ratings.

5. A Piggy Bank icon will appear for the Best Deals, click on the Piggy Bank to view the item.

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6. Pressing Add to cart displays your options.

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The choices are Create New Cart and Add in existing cart.

Add In Existing Cart:

Selecting this option will automatically add the item to an Open Cart being Viewed by the Requester.

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If a Cart is not being Viewed, a Cart List will display and the item can be added to any of the Requester's Open Carts.

Create New Cart:

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9. Creating New Cart creates a New Cart. and the Line Item details are populated.

Adding Another Item From The Catalog:

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10. This time a Part Number is entered in the Catalog Search.

11. A Top Catalog Item displays.

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12. In this example Add in existing cart is chosen.

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13. The New Line Item is populated in the same cart being viewed.

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14. Adjust the Quantities if needed.

15. Press Apply to all lines.

16. This will populate the Segments for every Line Item.

Note: This is a convenience, different Segments can be selected for each Line Item.

Press Submit Cart when complete.

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17. Submit is pressed at the Requisition Approval window.

Note: This purchase is below the Requester's Spending Limit so Approval is not required.

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18. The Closed Cart and the two Line Items for the Req are displayed below My Carts on the Dashboard.