About This Document:

This document details how to create a Manual or Custom cart. Unlike the Punchout and Catalog-created automated methods for Supplier and Line Item selections, these fields are manually filled in by the Requester. In this example a Manual Cart will be created. The Supplier, a Part Line, and a Service Line will be included in this example.

This document assumes that the reader already knows how to create an order in Prendio.
BioProcure is used as the Supplier in this example, this Supplier does not sell Parts so a fake Part Number is used.

Prendio Dashboard:

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1. Press the +Cart Link.

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2. Fill in all Mandatory fields as you would with an order.

3. Press Add Part.

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4. In the Supplier: field start typing the Supplier Name, in this example BioProcure will ne used.

Supplier Types:

As you are typing the Supplier Name matches will appear in the dropdown menu. When a Supplier appears here, they are in the Prendio Supplier Catalog. If a Circled Checkmark symbol appears next to the Supplier it means that the Supplier is Connected to your Company. This means that a Contract and Terms exist between your Company and that Supplier in Prendio.

If the Supplier does not display this symbol your BioProcure Buyer will contact the Supplier and negotiate the Contract and Terms and when complete, Connect your Company to this Supplier.

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5.Start typing the Part Number, if it was Previously Ordered in Prendio it will appear in the dropdown menu.

Note: If the same Part Number was available from multiple Suppliers, and was previously ordered in Prendio, they would also appear in this dropdown menu. Click details to view that selection if desired.

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6. When the Item is selected, the Item Details are displayed.

7. Notes and Attachments can be added for both the Supplier and the BioProcure Buyer.

8. Add Service is then pressed.

When the Same Supplier is selected, the Service will be on the same Req as the Part. If a different Supplier is selected, a different Req and PO will be created.
When adding another Line Item to a Cart, Prendio will automatically minimize the other Line Item for more room on the display.

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9. Enter a Description and Price for the Service.

10. Change the Quantity if needed.

11. Press Apply to all lines to populate the Segment/Coding selections for every Line Item.

Note: This is a convenience, different Segment/Coding can be selected for each Line Item.

12. Submit Cart is pressed.

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13. In this example a Confirmation appears because Prendio noticed that a Service Line was in the Order but there were no Attachments. Press Yes if attachments are not needed or No to Add attachments and Notes.

Requisition Approval:

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14. This is below the Requester's Spending Limit so does not require Approval.

15. Press Add Watcher to add Watchers to the request.

Note: Watchers are Notified but do not need to take any action.

16. Press Submit when complete.

Dashboard > My Orders:

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17. The Order now displays under My Orders on the Dashboard.