About This Document:
This document details the steps to upload PDF documents using the Prendio Scan Upload feature. This feature is available for both the Receiver and Accounts Payable Prendio roles. Typically, the Receiver role is used to upload Scanned Packing Slips, and the Accounts Payable role is used to upload Scanned Invoices.

Note: For best performance, a maximum file size of 175 KB be targeted.

Scan Upload:

1. In this example Receiver role is used.

2. Press Scan.

3. Press Scan Upload.

4. PDF files can be dragged and dropped here.


5. Press the Add Files to maneuver to select PDF documents to upload.

Note: If documents are already in the Scan Upload window, the Add Files button will display + # Files Queued and can be used to upload additional documents.


6. Thumbnail versions of the PDF documents appear here.

7. Press Start Upload to upload the PDF Documents.

8. When an upload of a document is complete, a Check Mark appears in the corner of document.

9. 100% appears in the corner of this window when the upload is complete.

Scan Match:

10. Press Scan Match.

11. Thumbnail views of the uploaded PDF Documents appear here. They are then checked and matched to the appropriate PO Number.

Scanned Packing Slips
 are matched here for the Receiver role and later saved as Scanned Receipts when they are processed.
Scanned Invoices are matched here for the Accounts Payable role and later saved as Vouchers when they are processed.