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This document provides basic information about modifying default reports and creating new reports with the Enhanced Reports feature. The resulting report for either activity can be saved as a Custom Report.

See the Related Articles section for an overview about the Enhanced Reports feature, which is available to Prendio users with the AP Management role.

Note: At this time, the Enhanced Reports feature only has an AP Order Analysis report type.

Accessing the Report Customization Page

After accessing [AP Management > Enhanced Reports], click the Report Generation button.

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There are two ways to customize a report. The first is if you want to modify one of the default charts or data tables to save as a Custom Report. 

After you run the default report you want to modify, click the Modify button next to the report list.

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The second way to customize is by creating your own report. To start, click the + New button next to the report list. You do not have to run a report prior to clicking this button.

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Customizing the Report

Clicking either button takes you to a Report Customization page that allows you to modify different elements of the report, such as columns, sorting, filtering, and the grouping of data. If you are a creating a new report, much of these elements will be empty. When modifying a default report, some of it pre-exists. 

Data points that are not already in the report are available to add in the Fields and Measures sections. They can be added to the report by right-clicking or using drag-and-drop with the mouse. 


You can add data to the Columns area located above the report preview. 

There are also Groups that can be used to group information together in rows. This is only available with data from Fields and not Measures.

In the example in this screen capture, "PO Confirmed Date" is moved from Columns to Groups to in order to group together orders from those dates:

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Click the Gears icon under Groups for options on how the data is displayed.

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If you want the data in the report to be filtered by certain Fields or Measures, you can expand the Filters section to the right of Columns and Groups.

You can add Fields or Measures in this section and click the Apply button to include them as part of the report. In the example in this screen capture, "PO Status" is used as a filter and only POs that are Closed are included in the report.

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In the toolbar above Columns and Groups, there are several buttons available to use while editing the report. That activity includes changing the sorting behavior and the visualization type of the report.

When you have customized the report to your liking, click Save or Save As in the toolbar.

Enter a name for the report and click the Save button.

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You can access or delete your saved report in the Custom Reports section of the Report Generation page, below Default Reports.

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Click the Custom Report, then make selections and click Apply in the Options section. Your report will load onto the Report Generation page.

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