About This Document

This document provides information about scheduling reports and configuring report notifications with the Enhanced Reports feature. 

See the Related Articles section for an overview about the Enhanced Reports feature, which is available to Prendio users with the AP Management role.

Starting the Schedule Process

After accessing [AP Management > Enhanced Reports], click the Report Generation button.

Run the report you want to schedule, whether that be a default chart, default data table, or custom report. After it runs, click the Schedule button.

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Configuring the Job Schedule

Clicking the button will take you to the New Schedule page. There are four tabs on this page where you can provide information on how the report schedule will work.

1. The Schedule tab, where you can define parameters such as how long the schedule lasts and how often the report will run.

2. The Parameters tab, which is similar to the Options section when running a report. Select a Time Range for the data used when the report runs.

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3. The Output Options tab, where you can choose output formatting options like file name, file format, and displayed time zone.

4. The Notifications tab, where you control how the notification is sent out when the scheduled report is complete. Note that in order to receive notifications, you must provide your email address in the To field and a Subject for messaging under the Send report when schedule runs section.

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Once the configuration of the schedule is complete, you can click the Save button at the bottom of any tab. You can then name the Scheduled Job and click the Save button again.

You can review information about your jobs by clicking on the Scheduled Jobs link on the Report Generation page. On the Schedules page, you can review, disable, edit, and delete jobs.

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