About This Document:
This document explains an On Behalf Of Approval. When a Prendio User creates a Cart for another Prendio User, this type of Approval takes place. The Prendio User that the Cart was created for is confirming this request with their Approval.

Cart Example:

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1. When creating a Cart in Prendio, the Cart for: field will default to the logged on Prendio User and if Approval is required that Prendio User's Personal Approval Path will be used.

2. The logged on user can click in the Cart for: field and it will display the other Prendio Users for your company. In this example the cart is created On Behalf Of Christine Banna.

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3. In this example the order is for $3,000.00, this exceeds Christine's Spending Limit so her Personal Approval Path will be used when the cart is submitted.

Requisition Approval Window:
This window appears when the Cart is submitted.

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4. The order total is for $3,000.00.

5. The order was created for Christine by a different Prendio User so Christine must confirm that she requested this order.

6. The order exceeds Christine's Spending Limit of $1,000.00 so Jo-Ann Lobo, the First Approver in Christine's Personal Approval Path will need to approve this order.

7. A Note and an Attachment were also included by the Prendio User that created this Cart for Christine.