About This Document:
This document details how to use a Part Line Item in a Prendio Cart to create a Blanket Purchase Order. Often there is significant savings to be appreciated by negotiating large quantity purchases. You might not however want to receive the entire volume of items in a single shipment. A blanket order will allow you to release items as needed. As invoices are received, the qty of parts received will be deducted from the line and the order will remain open until the quantity is exhausted or the order is closed. BioProcure, Inc. is used as the supplier in this example.

Note: In this example, a Cart will be created requesting a quantity of 500 of the item. The notes to the Supplier and the Buyer explain that this is for a 12 month period, how many of the item are needed with the first request, and that more shipments will be requested as needed.

It is assumed that the Prendio Requester already knows how to create a Cart and Add a Part Line, so only the steps unique to this process are included. 

From the Prendio Dashboard:

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Click on the + Cart link on the My Carts bar. Complete all of the mandatory fields in the cart, the steps pertaining to this procedure are noted below.
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1. The Order Type is Buyer will place order.

2. Press Add Part then select the Supplier as you normally would as well as the Part Number, Description, Price, U/M, Currency, and Quantity.

3. Enter a Note to the Supplier detailing how these items will be ordered over a specific time period and shipments will be requested as needed.

4. Enter a Note to the Buyer detailing how many of this item are needed now, and how more items will be requested as needed.

5. Press Submit when complete.

Back at the Dashboard:

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After the Buyer Confirms your order, the PO Number will be available for Packing Slip and Invoice processing as they arrive from the Supplier.

Email Notification:
Not logged on to Prendio?, you will also get an Email Notification.

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6. The PO will be attached.

7. The PO Number is also referenced in the email message for when Packing Slip and Invoice processing.

When Additional Items Are Needed:
When additional items are needed, contact your BioProcure Purchasing Agent (Buyer) providing the Purchase Order Number, item quantity details, delivery etc.