Congratulations. Your Prendio Company account has been created along with one or more Administrator users profiles...including yours!

Now we need you to tell us more about your company and how you like to run your business.

It is recommended that you follow the steps listed below for efficient use of your time. You will learn that we are all about efficient use of your time.

  1. ERP Integration
  2. Accounting Segments - GL Accounts, Departments, Projects, Etc
  3. Company Addresses
  4. Company Holidays
  5. Users and Roles
  6. Document Store and Time Table (optional)

Note - Initial settings above require the roles of "AP Management" and "Accounts Payable". These roles can be assigned to the Administrator and removed after the initial setup.

Each step listed above is detailed in an Administration article (to the left). Refer to each of these articles for instruction.