When using Prendio you are working with two companies. You are working with Prendio, the Software manufacturer, and BioProcure, your Service Provider. BioProcure also uses Prendio.

Help Requests

Whenever you need assistance with either Prendio or an order, please direct your request to:

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On the Prendio Dashboard below the Support Heading is a Link to Help with Orders. This will create an Email Message to Be as descriptive as possible with your question or request so our Customer Service Team can quickly route it to the appropriate team.

About This Document

This document details the features of the Prendio Receiver role.


The Prendio Receiver role is required. Prendio roles are assigned by a Company Admin.

Receiver > Orders:

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1. This window displays the total number of Open Orders.

2. Select the top check box to select all orders or check individual order(s) then press Export Open PO Detail to export a CSV file containing the selections.

3. After pressing Export Open PO Detail you can press Status Check to open a window to monitor the status of the request, and download the result when complete.

4. The column in this window include Shopping Cart Number, Cart Name, Project, Requester, Req, DescriptionPurchase Order, Supplier, Total, Delivery Date, Cart Status, and Actions. Click on the Arrowhead icon to sort the columns.

5. Click on the Cart Number link to view the cart and the Req Number link to view Order History.

6. Click on the View icon to view the Purchase Order.

Receiver > Scan > Scan Upload:
This window is used to upload Scanned Packing Slips in PDF format.

Note: The interface will accept a maximum file size of 750 KB but for best performance, a maximum file size of 175 KB should be targeted.

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7. Either drag PDF file(s) here or press Add Files to maneuver to and select PDF files(s).

8. Click on these icons to display the PDF files in a thumbnail or list view.

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Note: In this example 2 PDF documents were added to the Scan Upload window.

9. Click on the minus (-) icon in the upper right-hand corner of a thumbnail to delete it if needed.

10. The name and size of the document display here.

11.  The combined size of the documents in this window display here.

12. Press Start Upload to upload the PDF file(s).

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Note: In this example Start Upload was pressed.

13. During the upload, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of each thumbnail. When the         upload is complete for that thumbnail, a checkmark will appear in the upper right-hand corner.

14. The progress of all of the documents being uploaded appears here.

Receiver Scan > Scan Match:
The Scan Match window is used to match the appropriate Packing Slip with a PO Number.

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15.  Scan Match is selected.

16. The number of scans to review appears here.

17. If there are many scans to review, arrows will display to advance forward and back.

18. When a thumbnail is selected, it will display in a larger view here.

19. The Received Date and PO# fields are used when processing a Packing Slip.

In this example a Packing Slip will be matched to a PO.

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20. Check the box below the packing slip to be matched to the PO.

21. Select the Received Date and enter the PO Number.

22.  Press Done, Next.

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Note: The Scan Match fields detailed in Steps 20 – 24 will be grayed out if BioProcure provides your Company’s Prendio Accounts Payable Services.

23. These fields are used when processing an Invoice, not a Packing Slip.

24. The Scan Notes field can be used to add a note to the Packing Slip.

Receiver > Receipts:
This window is used to process Scanned Packing Slips into Receipts.

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1. The Number of Receipts is displayed here.

2. The Filter field can be used to search for data in this window and the Refresh button is used to clear the filter and display all receipts.

3. The Company, Supplier, PO #Receipt #, Date Items Recd, Receipt Status, and Notes columns can be sorted using the Arrowhead icons.

4. Clicking on the link in the PO # column will display the PO in another browser tab

5. The View (eyeball) icon is used to view a Scanned Packing Lip and create the receipt. The Trash Can icon can be used to delete a Scanned Packing Slip or Receipt.

If BioProcure provides your Company’s Prendio Accounts Payable Services, Steps 5 – 7 will be completed by BioProcure.
The links in the Receipt # column can be used to view Proxy Receipt details.
If a Packing Slip was matched, but a Receipt not yet created, Scanned will display in the Receipt Status column.
If a Note was entered while matching a Packing Slip, it would display here.
Deleting a Packing Slip or a Receipt will return the Packing Slip to the Scan Match window.

In this example, a Scanned Packing Slip was viewed so it can be processed to create a Receipt. 

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6. In the Received field an amount is entered, Close Line is automatically selected.

7. Press Done, Next to create the Receipt and return to the Receipts window.

When processing a Service Line an Amount is entered in the Received field.
When processing a Part Line a Quantity is entered in the Received field
If there is an amount remaining for Services or some of the parts are still to be received, de-select Close line so that the remaining Services and Parts can be processed.

Receiver > Got It:
Got It can be used to send an email and a text message (if enabled for the Requester) when the Packing Slip arrived processed.

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8. Enter the PO Number using the keypad.

9. Press Got It. to send the email message and text message to the Requester.

10. Press the Home icon to return to the Prendio User Interface.