About This Document:
We try to offer our customers several options to reduce the file size of a Scanned Packing Slip or Invoice for upload to Prendio. The easiest way is to Compress these files is by using a Save as in Adobe Acrobat. Sometimes these PDFs were created for Printing and not for Web Viewing or upload so they may contain multiple color pages with high resolution data. In these cases the compressed result may still be too big.

Adobe Acrobat DC and Microsoft Word are required to perform this procedure.

Adobe Acrobat DC Export:
Open the file in Adobe Acrobat DC.

1. The Export Tool is selected.

2. Microsoft Word is selected.

3. Export is pressed.


Microsoft Word:
Open the exported result in Microsoft Word.

4. Enter a Name for the file and select PDF as the File Type.

5. Select Minimum size (publishing online).

6. Press Save.

6. This resulted in a 273 KB document.